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Do you know the use and maintenance of waste tyre refining e

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Do you know the use and maintenance of waste tyre refining equipment pipeline?
(1) Pipeline inspection
Regular inspection shall be carried out after the pipeline is put into use. Regular inspection of pipelines can be divided into external inspection, key inspection and comprehensive inspection. The inspection period should be determined according to the comprehensive classification of pipelines. All kinds of pipelines are inspected externally at least once a month and comprehensively at least once every six months. Class I, I I and I I I pipelines shall be inspected at least once a week, and Class IV and V pipelines shall be inspected at least once a month. The external inspection of the pipeline is mainly to observe whether there are cracks, corrosion and deformation on the outside surface of the pipeline, whether there are biases in the connecting flange, whether the fasteners are complete, whether there are corrosion, loosening and other phenomena, and whether there are foreign body impact and friction sound in the pipeline by auditory method.
(2) Maintenance of oil pipelines in refineries
In the process of pipeline transportation, in order to prevent oil from being affected by the increase of viscosity or condensation, install small diameter steam pipes in the pipeline or wrap the steam pipes and oil pipelines with insulation materials. These auxiliary pipes used to heat oil products are called heat tracing pipes. If there is insufficient steam in the heat tracing pipe, the temperature drops, the steam condensation is even frozen, which makes the oil in the pipeline solidify and the pipeline blocked, the maintenance of the heat tracing pipe should be strengthened at this time. The oil in the pipeline should be chemicalized by the heat tracing pipe, and it is strictly forbidden to bake in open fire. When the oil pipeline is shut down, the steam should be used to clean and empty in time. At the lower part of the heat tracing pipe, the water releasing point should be set up and several heat tracing pipes should be set up. They should drain cocoon separately and not be connected to the same drain pipe, so as to prevent the valve from not tightly condensing water into the outage heat tracing pipe and freezing the pipeline.
Unqualified weld quality of pipeline will cause pipeline damage and oil leakage. When repairing or resecting and re-welding, it should be connected with the system.
Open the air and separate it with insulator. The oil in the pipe should be cleaned by steam and exhausted. Sampling test confirms that there is no oil in the pipe.
Only when combustible gas is used can it be operated. Shangqiu Ruilong Machinery reminds you to pay attention to safety!