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Pyrolysis technology is the name of waste plastic and will n

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The topic of waste plastics on the biological and marine environment of birds, fish, etc. has always been the focus of global media debate. Many environmental organizations are fiercely resisting plastics, calling for the replacement of plastic packaging with paper or other packaging. .
Mr. Thomas De Quincy, CEO of Coca-Cola, defended the use of plastic bottle packaging: “Plastics are not without advantages. Modern food and beverage containers help reduce food spoilage and waste, and they limit the spread of disease. Can help save lives."
The birth of plastics is less than a hundred years old and has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, bringing us great convenience. It is widely used in various fields such as agriculture, industry, construction, packaging, defense and cutting-edge industries, and people's daily life. Especially in our daily life, plastics are used more widely, such as plastic sandals, slippers, raincoats, handbags, children's toys, toothbrushes, soap boxes, thermos and so on. At present, it has also been widely used in various household appliances such as televisions, tape recorders, electric fans, washing machines, refrigerators, and the like.
The danger of discarded plastics to birds, fish and the sea is a human problem, not a problem with the plastic itself. Waste plastics are not useless waste in nature, but resources that are placed in the wrong place at the wrong time are mismatched treasures. From a time perspective, today's waste plastics may become tomorrow's resources; from a spatial perspective, most waste Plastics have the chemical and physical properties required for industrial raw materials, and an environmental waste can often be another raw material.
What we need to do more is to deal with waste plastic better, instead of discarding it or resolutely resisting it!
How to deal with waste plastics, under the premise of safety and environmental protection, through the advanced environmental protection technology and equipment to turn it into a treasure, is an effective way to deal with waste plastics.
In recent years, the scale of environmental protection equipment manufacturing has expanded rapidly, the development model has been continuously innovated, the service field has been continuously expanded, and the technical level has been greatly improved. Shangqiu Dayi Technology Co., Ltd., a leading company in the pyrolysis industry, independently develops environmentally-friendly continuous waste plastic pyrolysis technology equipment to realize the recycling and harmless treatment of waste plastics, and produce energy products such as fuel oil, natural gas and solid fuel. The equipment has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award for its excellent safety, environmental protection, energy-saving and high-performance performance, and long-term continuous and stable operation. The equipment is exported to Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Estonia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Iraq, Taiwan and other worlds. Multiple countries and regions.
Nowadays, what we need to do more is to focus on science and technology, rather than demonizing this new material, which is less than a hundred years old. We should strive to publicize the resource attributes of waste plastics, rely on advanced environmental protection technology equipment to recycle and use waste plastics, turn waste plastic into products or convert them into secondary materials for reuse, and vigorously promote the development of green recycling and low carbon!